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We coach managers and Leaders as they encounter challenges:   they may need to learn new ways of managing people, managing conflict, and how to get to the next level in their careers.  We help them identify and commit to actions they need to take to move forward in reaching their goals.

We provide Leaders an opportunity to challenge assumptions, reframe problems, and digest feedback.

Leveraging the Kolbe System™, we are uniquely able to help our coaching clients gain their "ah ha!" moment because the Kolbe   

measures your instinctive way of doing things.  The result is called your MO (method of operation).

The Kolbe gets directly at how people execute.  

It provides immediately actionable guidance that is particularly helpful in enabling successful Leadership Coaching, improving team performance,  and job alignment and hiring.


So many organizations struggle with realizing the benefits of  a (collaborative) "team" - in which individuals are united in working together toward a common goal.   This is because many teams become gridlocked - unable to perform as needed for the organization.

We can help you avoid gridlock and attain Team Synergy.

Synergy:   The productivity of the team is greater than the productivity of individuals working independently.

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We apply the Kolbe Team Success® Solutions to maximize team performance by:

  • analyzing your team's unique strengths,

  • reducing non-productive conflict,

  • and strategically combining individual talent to optimize collaboration.  


   As Kolbe Certified™  Consultants, we possess the expertise to identify and explain the crucial, but often hidden, human factors that drive team success.  



We apply the Kolbe RightFit™ to make finding the "right" person for the right job easier and less expensive.  Statistically proven, it assists in screening and selecting the best job applicants by determining who has the necessary instincts.

We help you eliminate the headache of guessing how well a prospective employee will perform and instead leverage information from RightFit™  on how the applicant will take action according to the job requirements.

This system provides recruiting and hiring tailored to each individual job, and is:

  • quantifiably predictive of successful job performance,

  • non-discriminatory,

  • simple to administer,

  • and cost effective.

We're experienced in hiring, and experts in the Kolbe RightFit™ so we're able to help you hire right the first time.



At Claim Your Power Coaching, we believe in helping individuals and organizations perform at their very best. 


We offer Leadership & Executive Coaching, Solutions to Strengthen Team Performance, and Guidance in Optimal Hiring.   

With 60+ years' combined experience, we have held sales, sales management, and CEO positions within corporate America and start-up companies. 

A Former Client Emailed Us:

"The CEO and I now have a better relationship, and I am exceeding expectations.   I attribute a lot of that to your help along the way:  being able to execute on my Development Plan, set and achieve some short-term goals, and move forward with confidence on things I wouldn't have attempted before."  - June, 2022


Hilton Head-Bluffton, SC Region  Tel: 610-731-6678

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