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Hello, I'm Jackie, founder of Claim Your Power Coaching.  I hung up my corporate America hat after 30+ years of enjoying a phenomenal career in sales, sales leadership, mentoring, and coaching, and traveling across the U.S. and to a few far-away places in the world in the quest of new business and serving my customers.

​I have worked in business development, account management, and sales leadership positions with companies including Sony Electronics, IBM, and Oracle America. 


An IBMer for close to 15 years, I sold complex data analytics software solutions into the mid-market space, then major accounts, and then Capital Markets in New York.   At one point at IBM, I ran the Eastern Region Data Warehousing Solutions team, responsible for a $MM budget and over 30 salespeople.  My blackberry (then later iphone!) was always on, and I as well needed to be "always on" and available for my team and my customers.    I had my share of stressful days and evenings.

​After I decided it was time to leave corporate America, I just needed to take a breather.  I ended up taking time off to study wine, earning my advanced certification in wine with the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET).   I even ran wine dinners and wine tastings for groups, wealth management firms, and country clubs.  It was a creative time for me, but I missed the business world.

I started working for a friend's sales coaching business, which was a natural role for me.  Then, a former business acquaintance got me to work full-time for their Leadership Coaching company, where I became familiar with behavioral assessments.   We coached small business and privately-held family business executives, their leadership teams and direct reports.   In early 2021, I launched "Claim Your Power Coaching, LLC".


Today, as a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant, I am working to provide the knowledge of self-awareness and coach individual leaders in the application of self-awareness in order to reach their goals.  I enjoy working with leaders, new managers, and experienced leadership alike to help individuals overcome stumbling blocks and achieve greater success in leading organizations or achieving other professional goals. 


In addition, by working with teams, I am able to strengthen team performance via reducing unproductive conflict and ensuring the requisite talents are strategically combined so that collaboration can be optimized.   I believe that people are an organization's greatest asset and that the organization itself can only succeed through its people by maximizing the potential of its individuals and teams.

I help take organizations to the next level.   I strongly believe in an individual’s unique ability to become the “Best Version of Yourself” (taken from Matthew Kelly, author), and this is what I strive to help each individual achieve. 

Recently, I was delighted to find an email from a client that read, "I cannot express how you have helped me build confidence and courage to make a move towards a change that will lead me to a more fulfilling and rewarding career in 2022.  Every time we meet or I read an email from you I am left feeling that I am truly capable."

One of my favorite bits of wisdom is this:  "If you find you are the smartest person in the room - Leave."

I love working out at Orange Theory Fitness and on my Peloton bike, growing organic vegetables in our back yard, and making the healthiest "green" morning drinks I can possibly concoct.   I also am passionate about puppies and dogs.

"Jackie possesses expertise in hiring and in coaching that our group used – this was critical as it helped the AACC find the right person for an executive position.   She was a significant asset for our team, and understands how to leverage data-backed science principles to ensure that an organization finds and hires the most appropriate person for long-term success."

Steven Scott Bradley,

Chairman, African American Chamber of Commerce of PA/NJ/DE

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