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We provide Leadership and Executive Coaching, Solutions for Improving Team Performance (Leveraging the Kolbe 

TeamSuccess® Solution), and Hiring Guidance with the analysis available to us from Kolbe Corp.  We are proud Certified™ Kolbe Corp. Consultants because Kolbe is a family business whose culture and approach to business aligns with our values of respecting the individual and enabling their success.   Kolbe is the world's leading provider of instinct assessments, team performance software, and hiring solutions.

Combined, we have over 60 years of business experience as the Founder of a start-up, as CEO, as Sales Executives within Corporate America, and as individual contributors in small businesses and large businesses alike.

Jackie Headshot.jpeg
Jackie Cumo
Founder and Principal
Chris Headshot.jpeg
Chris Cumo
Strategic Advisor

After 30 years of working in corporations including Sony Electronics, IBM, and Oracle America, I am leveraging those experiences in sales and sales leadership roles in the Claim Your Power Coaching practice.  I help individuals become the Leader they envision, and help organizations achieve business objectives by enabling optimal performance through its teams as well as its individual contributors and Leaders.

I believe in people and getting the right people in the right jobs in your company.  That's the only way to achieve successful execution of an organization's strategy.    I've done exactly this in the company that I had built and subsequently sold.   I have always believed and continue to believe that people are a company's greatest asset.

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